PTRC offer “Fireside Chat” to discuss past and present transport issues


As part of FTVG’s launch, PTRC Training are hosting a “Fireside Chat” event on Thursday October 15th from 12:30 – 14:00.  The event will bring together a panel of young professionals alongside a panel of original participants from the Transport Visions Group (TVN) to discuss changes in the issues facing the transport industry.

The TVN was formed twenty years ago by a group of transport professionals across the professional and academic world. Its aim was to amplify the views of young people into the debate concerning the future of transport and its role in society at the beginning of the 21st Century. Between 2000 and 2003, TVN published eight papers outlining the main findings of the initiative; encompassing views on scenario planning, travel demand management, land use planning, inclusive growth, freight and logistics.

How pertinent are those debates in the world of transport today? Are we still grappling with the same issues or has the emphasis for 2020’s young transport professionals now shifted, particularly in the wake of COVID-19 and the climate emergency?

During this Fireside Chat, TVN panellists will be asked to consider the main outcomes from the original initiative, whether anything has changed since the findings were published and what aspect of their research they would ideally like to revisit in 2020.  The panel of young transport professionals will then offer their own views on key challenges facing the industry, how relevant these are to the topics explored in the 2000’s and what advice they’d ask from members of the TVN in undertaking research today.

The session is intended to reflect on the outcomes of the TVN initiative, and to help prospective participants of FTVG consider some of the key issues and debates they may want to research themselves.

There will also be a Q&A session with both sets of panellists at the end of the event, building on some of the themes from earlier Fireside Chats including pressures on public transport, future uncertainty, the future of roads and the role of active travel.

Details on how to join this event can be found here:

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