Project collaborations commence after FTVG workshop series

2024/2025 Collaboration Workshops

The FTVG Collaboration Workshop series got underway between May 13th and 17th 2024, providing a forum for over 30 ideas to be discussed and showcased with the aim to attract a wide range of professionals to participate in a research project.

Each workshop was focused on a different research theme, with participants encouraged to network and collaborate within their area of interest, or across all themes.

Key project ideas discussed at each workshop are summarised below, alongside links to recordings of each session.  Anyone who couldn’t attend the sessions and who wishes to collaborate with any of the project groups should contact to be put in touch with the relevant groups.

Decarbonisation and Sustainable Transport

Engagement and Behaviour Change

Modelling and Appraisal Processes 

Future Transport Technologies and Modes

Intelligent Transport Systems

Emerging Trends