How to Take Part

The FTVG invites applications from emerging career professionals across the transport industry.

Key Stages - Here’s how you can take part:


Expression of Interest Oct-Dec

You can submit your details and an early outline of your idea using the form on this site. This will help us form you into groups of people with similar interests and ideas who can collaboratively take an idea forward.


Collaboration Forums Jan-Mar

We will organise a series of online forums which will let you meet other applicants with similar ideas and help you form cross-industry teams to develop particular projects and ideas.


Project Application Apr-Jun

We will ask project teams to provide an abstract, methodology, and estimated costs for undertaking their chosen project. These will be considered by our steering group who will decide which teams to award funding to this year.


Project Execution Jul-Mar

Teams successfully awarded funding will be given four months to develop their project. Your progress and spending will be monitored by our steering group.


Project Completion Apr-May

We will invite all successful project teams to present their findings and outcomes at online forums and help to promote your ideas to the wider industry.


Project Award Jun-Jul

A prize will be awarded for “Outstanding Project” at the Annual Transport Practitioners’ Meeting 2023, judged by our steering group panel.

Project selection criteria

Projects will be assessed for funding allocations based on their ability to meet the objectives of the initiative, as well as considering the level of funding required.

Award criteria

Successfully funded projects will be considered for the Outstanding Project Award at the conclusion of the initiative. This will be given to the team that has developed the most insightful and impactful project.