FTVG goes live with collaboration workshop series

The second stage of the Future Transport Visions Group (FTVG) initiative 2024/25 starts on May 13th, with a series of six collaboration workshops held over the course of the week.

The workshops are intended to be a forum for participants to pitch research ideas aligned to one of six themes to a wider audience.  After the pitches are complete, all participants will be invited to network and form collaborative project teams who’ll then be able to apply for funding.

This year, FTVG received approximately 30 project ideas this year from 15 different countries.  Since its origins in the COVID-19 pandemic, FTVG has organised these online collaboration workshops to bring together project ideas and interests.  In the past, these events have helped cross-organisational and international teams to form, aligned to areas of common interest and a shared passion for a particular topic in the transport sector.

The workshops are open to all who may be interested in hearing the ideas being showcased.  Calendar invitations for all six sessions can be found here:



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