FTVG Collaboration Workshops Announced

After collating this year’s expressions of interest, FTVG is pleased to announce a series of online collaboration workshops to bring groups of like-minded people together.

This year’s forums will cover three topic areas, including:

The purpose of the forums  is to turn individual ideas into team projects, and will focus on:

  1. Providing people/teams with ideas to present a 5 minute “pitch” of their idea and see who else could collaborate with their team
  2. Giving people without a project idea the chance to listen to proposals and join a team with mutual interests
  3. To find common ground between similar projects and bring similar ideas together

The forums are open to all and will be hosted between February 25th and March 4th and you can find Eventbrite links to sign up for each session in the links below.  Following these sessions, we will be supporting participants to form into groups and to develop their initial idea into a funding submission – due for May 2022.

Session links:



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