FTVG 2022/23 Outstanding Project Award: Engaging Young People in Consultation


FTVG are delighted to announce that Team EYPiC (Engaging Young People in Consultation) are this year’s winners of the Outstanding Project Award.

Formed of Bernard Fanning, Head of Digital Strategy and Innovation at The Nichols Group, and Dr. Gemma Bridge, an independent researcher based in Leeds, Team EYPiC aim to give people in the planning sector the tools to reach more young people in the consultation process.

Speaking about their project, Bernard said:

“We found that current participation in public consultations is limited, particularly from certain groups such as young people.  We decided to focus on this aspect in particular as we both felt younger people are often overlooked in the planning process.”

The group used funding from the FTVG initiative to host workshops with younger people to understand the barriers to their participation in planning processes, as well as undertake a literature review of existing techniques.

“When doing research that affects a particular group of people, it is critical to collaborate with them as early in the process as possible, and include them when developing outputs so that the outputs are actually useful”, said Gemma.

With this feedback, the group have produced a range of tools for consultation practitioners and planning professionals to better engage with younger audiences.

Their award win was announced at the Transport Practitioners Meeting in Greenwich, with the judges commenting it provided a “clear and concise summary document that will be of real practical use to the profession.”

The group have been awarded additional funding to continue developing the toolkit and spreading its reach to a wider audience.

Details of the tool can be found on the EYPiC website.

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