FTVG 2020/21: The Gender Equality Toolkit

by Laura Brooks, Marie Godward and Molly Hoggard

GET_IT Summary Poster


The aim of our research was to understand the extent to which a gender focus is currently incorporated in transport planning processes and how this can be improved, to achieve a more inclusive transport system.  We recognise that as researchers we have our own biases. Although we all identify as women, we are all white, middle class, able bodied and of a similar age and therefore do not account for all women’s experiences. Therefore a key part of our work is to gather and understand the views of other transport professionals via discussions, a survey and workshops.  We have published our findings and guidance on how gender equality can be mainstreamed into transportation on website; www.the-get-it.com


An ongoing literature has been central throughout our research. This has helped us to identify gaps within current knowledge and provided details on best practice case studies to include within this toolkit. The key gaps identified were:

  • There is a lack of evidence surrounding the barriers to gender mainstreaming and what is distinctly preventing it from being adopted as a strategy for achieving gender equality.
  • There is limited research that specifically gained insights from transport professionals about their views on gender equality and how they approach or would approach achieving it.
  • There is little UK based guidance on how to incorporate gender mainstreaming into transportation

We carried out an online survey which gathered over 350 responses and also carried out two interactive virtual workshops with a total of 53 participants.  Following the completion of our workshops we analysed the data collected from both the surveys and the workshop sessions. Through this analysis we identified the areas of focus for our toolkit that would best support transport professionals in gender mainstreaming.

​Headline Findings

We built the Gender Equality Toolkit in Transport (GET IT) to inform transport professionals how the work that they do and the decisions that they make impact women’s mobility and to provide a resource to encourage them to be gender responsive, to ultimately create gender inclusive transport systems.

​It explains and demonstrate why gender needs to be a key consideration during our work, provides a practical introduction to gender inequality with clear steps that can be taken to support gender mainstreaming and encourage gender-responsive actions and joins people together from across the transport industry to create a movement and platform for connected thinking, with the goal of making a difference.

This toolkit is to be used as guidance for transport professionals who wish to understand and take action on gender equality in their work. We have identified eight points from our research to highlights a different area to help you consider what changes could be made in your work.

  1. Education and Awareness
  2. Engagement and Consultation
  3. Empowering Industry
  4. Disaggregated Data
  5. Inclusive Design
  6. Progressive Policy
  7. Monitoring and Evaluation
  8. Create Change

Visit the website here: Gender Equality Toolkit in Transport – GET IT (the-get-it.com)


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