Aims & Objectives

The FTVG will be run as an annual competition; incentivising early career professionals to submit a paper, presentation, or product that delivers the Vision and Objectives of the group.

FTVG will:

Enable early career professionals to collaborate virtually to network and generate ideas

Provide the networks and structure for early career professionals to form into discrete project groups

Support the delivery of a selection of projects through an appointed Steering Group

Judge and appraise the outputs of individual projects

Offer a prize to winning projects

Provide a platform to promote the outcomes of these projects to the wider transport industry


To sustain a diverse group of early career professionals to consider some of the challenges and opportunities posed by ongoing changes in the transportation industry and outline how these changes are pertinent to the future careers of transport professionals.


The outline objectives to achieve these aims are:

  1. To ensure that the FTVG represents the interests of a diverse range of early career professionals
  2. To demonstrate a clear evolution from the original Transport Visions Network
  3. To provide early career professionals with a voice to address key challenges and opportunities facing the transport industry
  4. To deliver a lasting legacy that can be utilised by future transport professionals

Who can take part?

The FTVG is targeted at those in the first ten years of their career across all sectors in the transport industry.